11th Annual Kate Austin Memorial Instructional Camp


11th Annual Kate Austin Memorial Instructional Camp

Date/Location: Friday June 7, 2024 - Richland, WA. (Check-in beginning at 12:00 NOON.)
Please Note: Graduating Seniors attending this event are eligible for the Kate Austin Scholarship Award. USA Preps, the Washington Angels, and the Austin Family have been able to donate over $17,000 to deserving student-athletes.
Graduating Seniors should send a short essay (500-750 words) to wangels96@gmail.com explaining their love for the game, any outstanding community achievements, and other information they'd like to include. The essays are due by the Wednesday prior to the tournament. Scholarship recipients need to be present for the Scholarship Ceremony taking place at the event.
The ceremony will take place at Columbia Playfields, field 1 (the last field Kate played on) between 1:15 PM and 1:30 PM (Sunday). Drew and Cindi Austin will determine and present the winners.
For more info on Kate Austin please CLICK HERE to view the Kate Austin Memorial Page.
EVENT FORMAT: This event is fully instructional and run entirely by College Coaches!
Over 3 hours of hands-on instruction from College Coaches, a player meet and greet with the college coaches. You get to choose 2 of the following defensive sessions with hitting included. (Basics for each session, but College Coaches can change instruction at their discretion)
Pitching: Proper mechanics, movement, speed, accuracy, change-ups/off-speed, mental approach, setting up batters, and more. (Pitchers must provide their own catcher that are not already participating in the camp.)
Catching: Blocking, framing, proper throw down mechanics, throw downs to 2B, setting up for tags at the plate, directing the defense, setting batters up, and more. (New and improved catcher session which allows catchers to get more hands on instruction than ever!)
Middle Infield: Proper fielding mechanics, forehands, backhands, double play receiving footwork, double play feeds, throwing on the run, slap defense, and more.
Corner Infield: Proper fielding mechanics, bunts, squeeze plays, slow rollers, throwing on the run, footwork on the bases, getting back to the base, and more.
Outfield: Drop step, angles, fence and sideline awareness, reading fly balls, reading ground balls, throwing to a cut-off, throwing through a cut-off, and more.
Proper swinging mechanics, increasing power, bat extension, bat angles, hitting to the opposite field, mental approach in the box, mental approach in the on-deck circle, and more.

Age Groups: Open to any and all 12-18 year olds looking to gain advanced skills while working with College Coaches

This event is run entirely by college coaches! Attendance of college coaches "WORKING" the event is based on the amount of players that register for the camp. Not all college coaches listed are guaranteed to work the camp. The final "WORKING" college coaches will be listed as the camp registration is completed. Additional college coaches may still attend and recruit but will not be shown on the final list of coaches.

SCHEDULE OF EVENTS (Times are subject to change)
FRIDAY (Instructional Camp, All-Star Games)
12:00 Noon (Instructional Camp Check-In)
4:00PM (All-Star Check-In)

Contact: Amanda Leichtweisz
Phone: 818-913-2651 Email: amanda@usapreps.com