Chicago Instructional Camp & Tournament - Friday Aug. 24th - Sunday Aug. 26th, 2012, Elgin, IL

Colleges Who Attended this Event
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Jimmy Kolaitis
Arizona State University
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Mike Forsythe
Florida International University
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Linda Garza
University Of Nevada, Reno
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Kris Ganeff
University of Notre Dame
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Jeff Tylka
University of Virginia
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Laura Matthews
Belmont University
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James DeFeo
George Washington University
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Jen Goodwin
Yale University
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Ben Sorden
Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
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Hallie Blackney
Missouri Southern State University
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Heather Hall
Union University
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Will Atkinson
University of West Alabama
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Stephanie Defeo
University of West Alabama
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Sarah O'Malley-Fisher
Concordia University Chicago
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Wally King
Madonna University
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Tony Dix
Corban University
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Todd Buckingham
Webber International University
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Sarah Harman
Grace College
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Shane Bouman
Northwestern College
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Perry Clark
Mount Mary University
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Butch Zike
Transylvania University
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Shawn Hendrickson
Transylvania University
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Leticia Pineda-Boutte
Washington University in St. Louis
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Joe Kinsella
Lake Forest College
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Mike McKenzie
Aurora University
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Kristyn King
Rockford University
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Ruth Kmak
University of Chicago
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Mike Paulo
Elmhurst University
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Ryan Wigley
Northern Oklahoma College Enid
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Janae Magnuson
Milwaukee Area Technical College

Tournament Results:  Congratulations to the top two teams in each pool (In Bold), on receiving berths to the USA Preps Nationals. 
Pool APool BPool C
Indiana Shockwaves Gold4 - 1
Bulls/sox Academy 18 Gold3 - 1 - 1
Orland Park A's (NS)2 - 1 - 2
Wheatland Spikes - Exposure2 - 3
Iowa Blitz Gold1 - 2 - 2
Illinois Hawks Ramsey0 - 4 - 1
Wasco Diamonds (SC)5 - 0
Indy Dream Benifiel3 - 2
Illionois Bash Gold2 - 2 - 1
Northern Ice 952 - 3
Rockers OZ1 - 3 - 1
USA Preps Green1 - 5
Naperville Diamonds (PJ)4 - 1
Dupage Diamond Dawgs3 - 0 - 1
USA Preps Blue3 - 2
Homer Hawks - Betcher2 - 3
N Illinois Lightning 18U1 - 3 - 1
USA Preps Black1 - 4
Pool DPool EPool F
Plantation Pressure Gold4 - 1 *
Beverly Bandits 16U4 - 1
Chill Gold3 - 2
Iowa Blitz 18U2 - 3
Bombers Fastpitch1 - 4
USA Preps - Silver1 - 4
Team Oak Stars4 - 1
Cubs Fastpitch Blue 18U3 - 1 - 1
Dirt Devils Elite 18U3 - 2
ECI Dynamite Gold2 - 3
Naperville Diamonds (MV)2 - 3
Marengo0 - 4 - 1
Wasco Diamonds (WM)5 - 0
Orland Park A's (CSD)3 - 2 **
Beverly Bandits 14U3 - 2
Shockwave - Rayman3 - 2
Bulls/sox Academy 16U1 - 4
Wheatland Spike (JW)0 - 5
Pool GPool HPool J
Illinois Hawks - Noble5 - 0
Wasco Diamonds (JS)4 - 1
Cary Crush 16U3 - 2
Richmond Rockets3 - 2
Dirt Devils 16U1 - 4
Orland Park A's (JP)0 - 5
Northen Ice 965 - 0
Wasco Diamonds (MS)3 - 2 *
Orland Park A's (FY)3 - 2
Iowa Blitz 16U2 - 3
N Illinois Lighning 16U1 - 4
Naperville Diamonds (MB)1 - 4
Midwest Sluggers5 - 0
Northern Ice 974 - 1
Downers Grove Outlaws3 - 2 *
St. Charles Comets (JR)3 - 2
Wasco Diamonds (SG)1 - 4
Orland Park A's (CM)0 - 5
* Tie breaker: Head to Head.         ** Tie breaker (3 way): Least runs allowed.

Tournament Schedule
Download a PDF version of Schedule
Pool APool BPool C
A1  Bulls/sox Academy 18 Gold
A2  Indiana Shockwaves Gold
A3  Iowa Blitz Gold
A4  Wheatland Spikes - Exposure
A5  Orland Park A's (NS)
A6  Illinois Hawks Ramsey
B1  Indy Dream Benifiel
B2  Illionois Bash Gold
B3  Wasco Diamonds (SC)
B4  Rockers OZ
B5  USA Preps Green
B6  Northern Ice 95
C1  Homer Hawks - Betcher
C2  USA Preps Black
C3  USA Preps Blue
C4  Dupage Diamond Dawgs
C5  N Illinois Lightning 18U
C6  Naperville Diamonds (PJ)
Pool DPool EPool F
D1  Beverly Bandits 16U
D2  USA Preps - Silver
D3  Iowa Blitz 18U
D4  Chill Gold
D5  Bombers Fastpitch
D6  Plantation Pressure Gold
E1  Team Oak Stars
E2  Dirt Devils Elite 18U
E3  Marengo
E4  Naperville Diamonds (MV)
E5  Cubs Fastpitch Blue 18U
E6  ECI Dynamite Gold
F1  Wasco Diamonds (WM)
F2  Shockwave - Rayman
F3  Orland Park A's (CSD)
F4  Wheatland Spike (JW)
F5  Beverly Bandits 14U
F6  Bulls/sox Academy 16U
Pool GPool HPool J
G1  Wasco Diamonds (JS)
G2  Richmond Rockets
G3  Orland Park A's (JP)
G4  Illinois Hawks - Noble
G5  Dirt Devils 16U
G6  Cary Crush 16U
H1  Orland Park A's (FY)
H2  N Illinois Lighning 16U
H3  Naperville Diamonds (MB)
H4  Iowa Blitz 16U
H5  Northen Ice 96
H6  Wasco Diamonds (MS)
J1  Orland Park A's (CM)
J2  Midwest Sluggers
J3  Northern Ice 97
J4  St. Charles Comets (JR)
J5  Downers Grove Outlaws
J6  Wasco Diamonds (SG)
Game Schedule: Friday, August 24, 2012
Game TimeField 1Field 2Field 3Field 4Field 5Field 6Field 7Field 8Field 9Field 10
1:45 PM - 3:15 PM
3:25 PM - 4:55 PM
5:15 PM - 6:45 PM
7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
F1 vs F2
F3 vs F5
AS W vs AS E
AS S vs AS N
G1 vs G2
C3 vs C5
D1 vs D2
C1 vs C2
B3 vs B5
J3 vs J5
D3 vs. D5
Game Schedule: Saturday, August 25, 2012
8:00 AM - 9:30 AM
9:40 AM - 11:10 AM
11:20 AM - 12:50 PM
1:00 PM - 2:30 PM
2:40 PM - 4:10 PM
4:20 PM - 5:50 PM
6:00 PM - 7:30 PM
7:40 PM - 9:10PM
A4 vs A6
A3 vs A1
A2 vs A6
A5 vs A4
A1 vs A4
A3 vs A2
A6 vs A5
A5 vs A1
B4 vs B6
B3 vs B1
B2 vs B6
B5 vs B4
B1 vs B4
B3 vs B2
B6 vs B5
B5 vs B1
B5 vs C6
C3 vs C1
C2 vs C6
C5 vs C4
C1 vs C4
C3 vs C2
C6 vs C5
C5 vs C1
D4 vs D6
D3 vs D1
D2 vs D6
D5 vs D4
D1 vs D4
D3 vs D2
D6 vs D5
D5 vs D1
E4 vs E6
E3 vs E1
E2 vs E6
E5 vs E4
E1 vs E4
E3 vs E2
E6 vs E5
E5 vs E1
F4 vs F6
F3 vs F1
F2 vs F6
F5 vs F4
F1 vs F4
F3 vs F2
F6 vs F5
F5 vs F1
G4 vs G6
G3 vs G1
G2 vs G6
G5 vs G4
G1 vs G4
G3 vs G2
G6 vs G5
G5 vs G1
H4 vs H6
H3 vs H1
H2 vs H6
H5 vs H4
H1 vs H4
H3 vs H2
H6 vs H5
H5 vs H1
J4 vs J6
J3 vs J1
J2 vs J6
J5 vs J4
J1 vs J4
J3 vs J2
J6 vs J5
J5 vs J1
H1 vs H2
A3 vs A5
E1 vs E2
G3 vs G5
J1 vs J2
Game Schedule: Sunday, August 26, 2012
8:00 AM - 9:30 AM
9:40 AM - 11:10 AM
11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
1:20 PM - 2:50 PM
3:00 PM - 4:30 PM
A2 vs A4
A6 vs A3
A1 vs A6
A2 vs A5
A4 vs A3
B2 vs B4
B6 vs B3
B1 vs B6
B2 vs B5
B4 vs B3
C2 vs C4
C6 vs C3
C1 vs C6
C2 vs C5
C4 vs C3
D2 vs D4
D6 vs D3
D1 vs D6
D2 vs D5
D4 vs D3
E2 vs E4
E6 vs E3
E1 vs E6
E2 vs E5
E4 vs E3
F2 vs F4
F6 vs F3
F1 vs F6
F2 vs F5
F4 vs F3
G2 vs G4
G6 vs G3
G1 vs G6
G2 vs G5
G4 vs G3
H2 vs H4
H6 vs H3
H1 vs H6
H2 vs H5
H4 vs H3
J2 vs J4
J6 vs J3
J1 vs J6
J2 vs J5
J4 vs J3
H3 vs H5
B1 vs B2
E3 vs E5
A1 vs A2
Highlighted Games are available on the internet at In the top left corner click on Live Games
Game Entry Fee: Kids 18 and under and ALL Coaches and Player's Free, Adults 18 and older $5 per day or $10 for a 3 Day Tournament Pass

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