Rules: WA Play in Pink

Rules for all events will be National Federation of State High School Associations with the following exceptions:

Pitching distance - 14U, 16U, 18U.

Batting Order – Teams either bat 9, DP/Flex, or up to entire line-up. Your offensive lineup must remain intact for the entire game. Ex. You can’t have the same batter hit twice in a row. Lineups required for every game.

Free Defensive Substitutions

A courtesy runner may be used for any player, anytime.

Coin toss for home/visitors will be at home plate before the game begins for pool play, all showcase games and championship games. For bracket play the higher seed is home team.

Games are 1:30 Drop Dead. If the home team is ahead, they win, if the visitor is ahead and the home team has not completed their at-bat, It reverts back to the previous inning. The game may end in a tie.

Where a winner must be determined, (Sunday games) International tie-breaker will begin at the top of the 8th inning or after time expired for bracket games. Pool Play games may end in a tie.

For Pitchers, the stride (non-pivot) foot may be on or behind the plate as far back as desired. Once the pitcher initially sets the toe of her stride foot, she may not step, drag or slide it back any farther. Pitcher must take the pitching signal only from the required pitching position (on the pitcher’s plate, hands apart). Hand signals/verbal may come from the dugout prior to the pitcher being on the pitcher’s plate, however, armband information must be gathered by the pitcher while on the pitcher’s plate and in the pitching position. Pitching signals from the catcher may be given only when the pitcher is in the pitching position on the pitcher’s plate.

Run-Rule, 10 after 4, 8 after 5, 6 after 6.

Team listed first in pool or top of the bracket to occupy the 3rd base dugout unless a team from the prior game is in that dugout.

Protests to be handled on the field by the UIC of that site, a tournament official and the Umpire who made the call, there will be a $50 protest fee to be returned if the protest is upheld.

If ejected a coach or player must sit out next game.

The home team scorebook will be used as the official scorekeeper unless the team has no score book in which case the visitor book may be used. In the complete absence of a scorekeeper from either team, the umpire’s scorecard will be used. Both teams should check the umpires score card after the game.

Rosters and Awards – Rosters size has no limit however a max of 18 player/coach awards will be issued maximum.

Age Divisions – For the 18U Division, current college players allowed on rosters, as long as the player is age eligible.

USA Preps uses the date of January 1, of this year to determine what age division each player is eligible to play. Proof of age may be required at tournament check-in or ant anytime during event. Each team must have a valid birth certificate of some sort to verify ages. We understand that some states issue different forms of birth certificates, just please make sure you have a copy with you for each player on your roster, playing with you that weekend.

Any team using an ineligible player for a qualifying or national tournament will forfeit all games in which the ineligible player was on the roster or was a participant in any game. If the evidence or proof is presented during the tournament; the tournament director will stop the game involving the player(s) in question and together with the UIC, decide the eligibility of the player(s) in question. If the player(s) is ruled ineligible the game will be forfeit with an 8-0 score and the offending team may be eliminated from further play, with or without the ineligible player(s).

If the evidence or proof is presented after the tournament is completed and an ineligible player is shown to have been on the official roster or did participate in any game, the team will be stripped of the berth and the head coach of the team could face disciplinary action by USA Preps and the berth will be awarded to the next highest finisher.

Team Insurance: All teams must carry their own team insurance.

Standings – Tie Breakers Rules

In the event of ties at the end of Pool Play, ties will be broken using the following rules:

1) Win - Loss Record
2) Head to Head (Does not apply if more than two teams are tied and the result would cause a team to jump over teams with less runs allowed but they have not played them)
3) Least runs allowed
4) Most runs scored
5) All teams who are tied in wins/loss record, Runs allowed, and runs scored but have not played each other will be put into a blind draw. 1st team drawn will be highest seed. 2nd Team will be 2nd highest seed, etc...